The Asset Management Working Group of the International Union of Railways (UIC) organised its fourth International Conference dedicated to Asset management, in Paris at UIC Headquarters, from 17 to 19 April 2019.

This Conference was opened to the whole Asset Management world and presented the latest developments in various industries (roads, waterways, energy…) and on different continents. It aimed at:

  • offering opportunities for international and multi-sector networking with actors from South-East Asia, Middle-West, Eastern Europe and Western-Europe working in various fields like Infrastructure, Industry and Energy;
  • providing Asset Managers with concrete examples and guidance to improve their capabilities, based on the UIC guideline;
  • exploring the latest developments, knowledge and experience across the Asset Management World.

Among the potential subjects, UIC addressed the following topics:

  • strategic Asset Management Plan;
  • relation between asset managers and suppliers;
  • big data and digitalisation for Asset Management;
  • software assisted modelling of investment plans;
  • Asset Management for signalling.

The Asset Management Global Conference 2019 was sponsored by:

Conference programme

The conference has been held over a three-day period:

17-18 April 2019 keynote speakers, case study presentations and discussions to provide Railway Infrastructure Organisations with concrete examples and guidance to improve their Asset Management capabilities
17 April 2019 - 19:30 Dinner at the Musée du Vin (Rue des Eaux – 5 place Charles Dickens – 75016 PARIS)
19 April 2019

Option 1:

9:30 - 12:30 technical visit to ALTAMETRIS (assistance to maintenance using drones)
9:30 - 9:45 Welcome to the delegates in front of Altametris entrance at:
21 Avenue du Stade de France
93210 Saint Denis
(above Pôle Emploi offices)
Access by RER B: Station GARE DE LA PLAINE STADE DE FRANCE, Saint-Denis
10:00 am Welcome address and division of the participants in 3 groups who can attend each of the three 40-minute sessions.

MODULE A (Workshop): A drone fleet

  • Presentation of the fleet
  • Drone capacities and specific use cases

MODULE B (Conference): ALTAMETRIS - A gold nugget by SNCF Réseau

  • Presentation of the company
  • Practical cases of concrete use:
    • Characterization of vegetation risk
    • monitoring of network
    • Pre-Diagnostics of condition: OA, OT, Catenaries
    • 3D & BIM data

Questions & Answers

MODULE C (Laboratory): Current developments

  • Focus on technologies in the industrialisation process
  • Artificial Intelligence for the extraction of lanes / jigs
  • Drones and robots of tomorrow

End of the visit: around 12:30.

Option 2:

Flyer Assetsgame

9:00 - 16:30 Business game organised by Assetsman at UIC

Through the use of ASSETSGAME, participants learn in one day how an Asset Management programme benefits an organisation and the changes that are needed to achieve success.

Practical information

How to get to UIC


Ms Christine Hassoun - UIC Rail System Department


Keynote speaches
Session 1: Overview on the Asset Management standardisation and regulatory environment - Certification experience
Session 2: Step forward on developing Asset Management in Railways
Session 3: Step forward on developing Asset Management in Railways
Session 4A: Maintenance to support performance
Session 5A: Several Asset Management strategies
Session 6A: Asset Management strategy implementation
Session 7A: Innovative approaches to Asset Management
Session 4B: Asset Management digitalisation
Session 5B: Asset Management digitalisation
Session 6B: Asset Management digitalisation
Session 7B: Impact of operation in the Asset Management life cycle cost/strategy