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Société spécialiste pionnière en Asset Management en France, avec des références multisectorielles dans plus de 20 pays, entité officielle « IAM Endorsed Assessor », proposant une large gamme de prestations, des études, du conseil, de la formation, des audits, d’accompagnement des projets de gestion d’actifs pour l’industrie et l’infrastructure, des audits et certifications basés sur l’ISO 550001.

Cosmo Tech
Cosmo Tech is a global technology company that helps the C-suite make optimal decisions. Through our unique methodology, we model and then simulate complex scenarios to accurately predict the outcome of events even if those events have never happened before. And we deliver interconnected insights that tell you how each part of your organization would be affected by your potential choices so you can make the best decisions for your company. What we do goes way beyond big data, data science, and artificial intelligence to decision management and augmented intelligence. We transform companies by giving them reliable insight into the future.

L’Institut Français d’Asset Management Industriel et Infrastructure a pour vocation la promotion de l’Asset Management Industriel dans les pays francophones proposant à ces membres un espace d’information, de rencontres, d’échanges d’informations, de conception de nouvelles approches, de culture technique et financière, de management et des normes/réglementations autour de la gestion d’actifs industriels.

Oxand is an international consulting and solutions provider dedicated to Asset Management, with proven capabilities, knowledge and tools for capital intensive assets.
We deliver risk-informed decision support information that improves returns across the life cycle of our clients’ assets.
Our clients are investors, owners, contractors and managers in Transport Infrastructures, Real Estate and Energy.
With more than 1,150 billion Euros worth of analysed assets, we have experience that includes optimising the life cycle decisions and reducing costs by 10 to 30%, making possible life extension versus renewals, and reducing costly delays of large projects.
Our solutions, supported by our Simeo™ platform, are fully compliant with best standards (as ISO 55000, ISO 31000, etc.). We deliver tailored consultancy, training and IT solutions.

SYSTRA is a consulting and engineering group, a world leader in the design of transport infrastructures.
Our solutions, for metros, tramways, high speed lines and classic railways, aim to serve general interest and meet the challenges of the transformation of towns, cities and territories.
Our daily challenge: designing and implementing the safest, most efficient and economical made-to-measure transport solutions.
Thanks to our know how and 6,100 experts, we are present at all stages of transportation projects: upstream studies and design, construction stages, testing and commissioning, operating and maintenance. We therefore provide a comprehensive solution and manage all kinds of missions - project management, system integration, etc.

The European Rail industry is going through an era of rejuvenation and growth, both in Infra and Rolling stock. This is caused by external influences like the environmental awareness and the aim of the youth for easy travel. This trend gives an additional push for Asset Management in the Rail Industry.
ZNAPZ is one of the European leaders in Asset Management Systems, in particular for the Rail Industry. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Rail Industry, working with rail operators as NedTrain (NS), SBB and Irish Rail. We help Rail companies to set best practices and support those with state of the information systems to optimize asset management and maintenance practices.
These activities and information support our customers to deliver a higher service to their customers, better punctuality, reliability and safety at a lower cost. Besides this we create transparency in Asset Investment decisions aligning the value of the investments over the Asset Lifetime.